Douglas Wright

Senior Pastor

Pastor Wright

Pastor Wright moved to the Winchester / Berryville area in November of 1994 to become the Senior Pastor of Keystone Baptist Church. Prior to becoming the Pastor of Keystone Baptist Church Pastor Wright served from 1985 until 1994 as a teacher, principle, youth pastor, and associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Clymer, PA.

Pastor Wright was born in Clarksburg, WV and was raised in that area until attending college in Greenville, SC. Pastor Wright’s family considered themselves Baptist and attended church sporadically until Pastor Wright was 15 years old. During the Spring of 1976 Pastor Wright’s father and several members of his family were saved at Evangelistic Meetings held the week before Easter at West Milford Baptist Church. Pastor Wright had made a profession of faith several years prior at the same church’s Summer Vacation Bible School. With the salvation of Pastor Wright’s father and other family members came faithful attendance at West Milford Baptist Church. This included a very active youth program and solid Bible teaching.

The effects of the churches youth program and attendance at summer camps led to Pastor Wright attending Bob Jones University in the Fall of 1980. After graduation in 1984 with a degree in Bible, Pastor Wright was married to fellow graduate Kristy Browning. Kristy was raised in the Barboursville, WV area in a pastor’s home. Kristy’s degree is in Home Economics Education with a minor in English. She has perpetually used that education degree and continues to teach in Keystone Christian Academy. Pastor Wright and Kristy spent one school year teaching at a Christian School in New Freedom, PA, and then moved to Clymer, PA where they served until 1994. During the years from 1994 until the present both Pastor Wright and Kristy have continued their graduate studies. Pastor Wright received a Master of Ministry degree from Bob Jones University in May of 2003, and is working toward a Dr. of Ministries Degree.

Pastor and Mrs. Wright have three children.  Their family has been able to be very involved in the ministry. All three children have been or are involved in the music program and very active in the youth programs. Their oldest son, Micah, is in Law school and both daughters are at Bob Jones University.  Included in their family is the opportunity to host Korean exchange students on a long-term basis.  Jemma, now back in South Korea, lived with the Wrights from 10th -12th grades and Juny, also from South Korea, has been with the Wrights since she was 10 years old.  Juny is currently 14.  Pastor Wright’s stated goal as a pastor is to see people trust Jesus Christ as Savior, and to grow in Christlikeness.

Stuart Rogers

Assistant/Youth Pastor

“The Lord has blessed me greatly throughout my life! The most recent blessing from the Lord was Him opening doors to allow me to become the Assistant Pastor at the church where I grew up.”

Stuart was born into a Christian home in Winchester, VA, while his family attended Keystone Baptist Church. At a young age he made a profession of faith, but even as a child he could see how his actions were not pleasing the Lord. In 5th grade Keystone sponsored a youth camp where the Lord spoke to Stuart’s heart and he received Christ as his Savior.

Through his schooling years Stuart could see the Lord leading him closer to some kind of full-time Christian service. He enjoyed being active in his youth group, choir, and other ministries. In the course of attending VBS programs and teens camps, Stuart was led to attend Bob Jones University in the fall of 2007 where he studied youth ministries. He believed that God wanted him to work in camp ministries.

During his college career God blessed Stuart with the opportunity to serve Him on a 9 week mission trip to Australia, work several summers at the Wilds Christian Camp in NC, and use his training practically as a church intern. Also while at school, the Lord put several influential people and circumstances in his life that made it apparent that he should pursue teaching.

He graduated in December 2011 with a BA in Practical Christian Training, and was able to return to Keystone in order to serve as interim youth pastor for a short time. While Stuart was there, he was also able to teach at Keystone Christian Academy. Through several circumstances that the Lord orchestrated, Stuart had to work for a short time outside of the school. He is now once again teaching in the Academy, as well as the Youth/Assistant Pastor at Keystone.

Pastor's Wife

Kristy Wright

Pastor's Wife

Doug and Kristy Wright

Kristy Browning was raised in a pastor’s home in Barboursville, WV.  She grew up going to church for every service and various ministry obligations.  In her own words she says, “I trusted Christ as my Savior at the age of six under the ministry of my father.  Doubts began to plague me in my teen years because I could not remember a lot about my salvation experience.  One year while counseling at the Bill Rice Ranch, I settled the matter of assurance.  I was probably saved earlier, but I needed to be certain.  After this time of decision, God has given me peace and assurance.  I studied the book of I John and have been able to direct others there who have also struggled with doubts.  While attending college, the Lord spoke to my heart about serving Him in ministry.  It has truly been a joy to know and serve the Lord.”

Kristy is a talented musician, and the principal pianist for Keystone Baptist Church.  She and her children have often participated in concerts – her daughters play multiple instruments, but primarily violin and cello.  In addition to the music ministry, Kristy has spoken regularly as a guest at ladies meetings and is heavily involved in all aspects of the ministry.

Keystone Assistants

Carol DeHaven

Senior Assistant
Carol DeHaven

Carol (lovingly known as DeeDee) and her husband, Dave, joined the church in August of 1983. In late winter of 1984, the pastor of Keystone at that time mentioned that he would like to have a financial secretary. Carol said she would be interested and was asked to fill that position in May of 1984.  This position eventually led to her becoming the Church and Academy secretary full-time.

In 2006, an assistant was brought in to help with some of the Academy responsibilities so Carol could help the Executive Director of ODACS (Old Dominion Association of Church Schools) with the annual Educators’ Conference as well as the yearly regional and state competitions that are held in Virginia. Besides these duties, you will find Carol actively involved in the church music program, special functions at the church, helping in the nursery, etc.

Carol and Dave have two children, one daughter and one son. They have three living grandchildren and one who resides in Heaven.

Sharon Crane

Sharon Crane

An administrative assistant since 2006, Sharon graciously gives of her time to work with Keystone Christian Academy and its needs.  Sharon and her husband Joe moved to the Winchester area when their youngest daughter was a Junior.  Laura graduated from Keystone Christian Academy and attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College and then traveled the Galkin Evangelistic Team.  Joe and Sharon are very involved with several ministries both with Keystone Baptist Church and Operation Renewed Hope.